Recordings of Presentations

The conference is over but recordings of all the presentations and the Q&A sessions are available to download now.

A short show-reel of the sessions will be added below as soon as we can get the editing done! In the meantime, you can view screengrabs from the presentations here 

Recordings Only US$120

We knew that not everyone could make the conference live because of work or timezones, and so a recording only option was provided. That option is still available post-conference.

These recordings are now available and you'll have continued access to these videos online and can download them offline.

The goal is also to have subtitles for these recordings to help those where English is not their first language.


Buy Recordings Only

Conference Proceedings


Every registered attendee will get a PDF version of the conference proceedings sent to the registered address when it is published. The plan is to get the proceedings published by 31 Dec 2021.

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get"

Warren Buffet