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The Human Factors in Diving Conference provides a unique opportunity to learn about the theoretical and practical applications of human factors in diving and other domains. There hasn't been a conference like this before and you'll be exposed to new materials and ideas.

This conference will give you the knowledge and skills to make your diving safer, more effective and more enjoyable, by allowing you to take more informed risks.


There are world-class speakers presenting, highlighting how they have created positive change, sometimes when faced with significant challenges. The outcomes have always been positive. We can't change the world in one go, but we can influence others so that change is continuous.

Aviation started to apply HF more than 80 years ago, and they are still learning. This conference will inspire you to create change in your own diving, diving operations or diving community.


Improvement doesn't happen by listening to presentations, it happens by taking the knowledge and practice told by others and making that first step yourself. The presenters will give you an insight into how YOU can create change and for those who sign up for the recorded presentations, there is also a post-conference community where you can continue to learn from the presentations delivered at the conference.

"Human Factors is currently the most important topic in modern sports diving"

Professor Simon Mitchell


The conference is for all divers as the presentations cover the full spectrum of diving from beginner open water divers, to cave and CCR divers, to commercial and military divers. 

Qualifications or roles won't be the defining factor for those who attend. This conference is for divers who want to create positive change in diving, and who recognise that human factors are critical to greater enjoyment, better-informed risk-taking and increased safety while diving. If you know that 'human error' isn't the reason why incidents and accidents happen, this conference is for you.


Is that who you are?


This conference is the first of its kind and is not planned to be the last either! "This is currently the most important topic in modern sport diving".  

However, the topic isn't just limited to sports diving, the knowledge and skills developed under the banner of human factors, non-technical skills and a Just Culture are applicable to ALL diving domains.

The speakers who will be presenting have decades of experience and bring additional knowledge from outside of diving e.g,., aviation, healthcare, oil & gas, astronaut training. But this isn't just about high-end diving, there are also a number of presentations that directly address novice divers, dive masters and those who are running active dive centres.

Why wouldn't you attend?

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"People say that accidents are due to human error, which is like saying falls are due to gravity.” 

Trevor Kletz


The conference will run from 10:00am (UK) until 6:00pm (UK) on 24 and 25 September 2021. There are 7 or 8 presentations per day in each of the presentation halls.

We'll be recording all the presentations because we know you won't want to miss any of the excellent speakers. We are also looking forward to hosting guests from all over the world so if the time-zone of the presentation doesn't work for you, you can catch up at a better time. We also know that these presentations are packed with valuable information so you'll want to revisit again and again.

Mark the dates in your diary now


Around the globe, simultaneously!

The conference will be delivered via a virtual platform called LexGo. While we are unable to meet in person, LexGo has been chosen because it has been designed with personal interaction in mind so that attendees and guests can catch up and talk diving, as you'd normally do at a diving conference.

There is no chat feature in LexGo but you will be able to speak with your fellow attendees while listening to the presentations which are happening on stage. You will also be able to meet up for a social in the bar area or the numerous couches we have set up for you. 

Are you going to be there when we start?

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

Albert Einstein


...do I get access to the conference?

Tickets are now on sale. We have limited the number of people who can attend the live event to 300 which includes speakers and supporting staff. This is primarily so you have a great social experience as well as an awesome learning experience. 

  • Live viewing only. This will be priced at $80 and will allow you access to all of the presentations. The way LexGo is set up is that you can move around the conference rooms as you want to. You can't be in two places at once though ;)
    Price $80.
  • Live viewing plus recordings. This gives you the same access as above, plus you get a copy of all of the presentations that will then be accessible after the event and you'll have access to these videos for 9 months after the conference.
    Price $150.
  • Recording-only option. We know that not everyone can make the conference live so we are now offering a recording-only option which also includes the proceedings.
    Price $120
  • VIP Tickets. This includes live and recorded access, along with access to digital training materials from the online aspects of the blended learning programme and new essentials class which will be released in July 2021. Most importantly, you will get a one-hour coaching session with me or one of The Human Diver instructors to talk about how to practically implement aspects of HF in your diving. There are only 30 of these tickets available.
    Price $250.
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The 2021 Human Factors in Diving Conference is the focal point for thinking about and applying human factors knowledge, skills. and practice to diving. Diving that ranges from recreational, technical, cave, CCR, public safety diving, military diving, scientific diving and commercial diving.

All you will need to attend the conference is an internet connection and a device which allows audio and video. LexGo runs from inside a browser so no special software is needed.

You can see the schedule here, who the speakers are here and more about the conference here 

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