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What is the Human Factors in Diving Conference?

The Human Factors in Diving Conference is a global first. The goal is to provide informative, practical and challenging presentations which show what human factors is about, why it is important and how YOU can apply it to your diving.

The conference will allow you to take your diving further by better understanding your decisions and those of others, to operate as a more cohesive and collaborative team inside and outside of instruction, and to develop a Just Culture so we are all able to learn from the mistakes and at-risk behaviours which are present in everyday diving.

The conference will be run over two days, 24 and 25 September 2021, virtually, using the LexGo platform and recordings will be available afterwards.

"Reprimanding "Bad Apples" is like peeing in your pants. You feel warm and relieved first, but soon you look like a fool."

Sidney Dekker

Who should attend?

The conference is for all divers as the presentations cover the full spectrum of diving from beginner open water divers, to cave and CCR divers, to commercial and military divers. 

Qualifications or roles won't be the defining factor for those who attend. This conference is for divers who want to create positive change in diving, and who recognise that human factors are critical to greater enjoyment, better-informed risk-taking and increased safety while diving. If you know that 'human error' isn't the reason why incidents and accidents happen, this conference is for you.

"In accident investigation, we fall prey to the What-You-Look-For-Is-What-You-Find or WYLFIWYF principle. This is a simple recognition of the fact that assumptions about what we are going to see (What-You-Look-For), to a large extent will determine what we actually find (What-You-Find)” 

Erik Hollnagel

Conference Software Platform

LexGo was chosen because it provides an interactive virtual venue that empowers and allows conference attendees to move around and explore, rather than stay stuck in a video meeting. LexGo enables richer, more spontaneous engagements with fellow conference attendees, including the presenters. 

By enabling your computer’s camera and microphone, you can connect and communicate better with your fellow delegates from all over the world, just as if you were at a live event. You’ll enjoy seeing and chatting with old friends … and making new ones, face to face.

Using the LexGo platform, as a conference attendee you’re no longer a passive viewer, but an actively engaged participant who can meet others and converse in a seamless way.

We recommend logging into LexGo about 15 minutes prior to the event starting, to give you time to look around the venue and get settled in for your first session. For the best experience, please use the latest version of Chrome (Mac or PC) or Edge (PC). Having trouble logging in? Email [email protected]


"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”..” 

George Bernard Shaw

Conference Proceedings

To ensure the knowledge presented by the speakers can be used by future divers and training organisations, a set of proceedings will be produced and each attendee will get a PDF version of the proceedings before Christmas 2021. The production of these proceedings is being sponsored by DAN Europe. 

Each of the presenters is being asked to write 1500-3000 words that cover their subject presentation, and where possible, make reference to existing academic or practical work.