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Since 2011, Human Factors in Diving has been talked about and presented by Gareth Lock. This hasn't been easy because it is a very different way of thinking about how divers undertake their sport. Some parts of the diving community appeared to feel threatened because it highlighted issues that previously had been 'blamed' on individual divers.

To thank those organisations and individuals who have supported the promotion of human factors in diving, and facilitated education and awareness through blogs, presentations and webinars, they have been given some space to talk about who they are what they provide, for free.

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Media Supporters

X-Ray Magazine

X-Ray Mag is the premier, world-renown, international award-winning bi-monthly dive magazine and website read by nearly a hundred thousand divers in over 150 countries spanning seven continents. A trusted authoritative source with global reach since 2003, whose publisher Peter Symes won the prestigious EUF Lavanchy Award in 2021, it was the first digital dive magazine and won the MTA Press Award 2011, DIWA Award 2016, and nomination for the EUROTEK.2016 Media Award. Divers from beginning to advanced and technical can enjoy in-depth articles, videos, and social media posts by top dive editors and underwater photographers, covering every topic in diving at locations all over the world, including travel, gear, news, training, tech/cave/wreck diving, dive medicine, marine life, and underwater photography. Best of all, it is free to download and subscribe!

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SCUBA Diver Magazine

Scuba Diver is a global brand comprising three magazines and associated websites, with titles in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and the USA and Canada.
Scuba Diver is the essential diver’s magazine – whether you are just getting started, a relative newcomer to the sport, an experienced diver, or a veteran technical diver, there is something within these pages for you.
Each issue you can find news from around the world, comprehensive and unbiased equipment reviews, travel reports from all corners of our watery planet, hints and advice, and columns on underwater photography and diving medicine.
The team behind Scuba Diver also organize and run the annual GO Diving Show, an interactive, fun and lively diving event with exhibitors, a raft of speakers, try-dives, competitions, and much more.

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Scubaverse is the ultimate online resource for divers worldwide, featuring the latest diving news, reviews, blogs, videos, podcasts, competitions, and content on travel, equipment, underwater photography & videography, marine life & conservation, and more.

Scubaverse Media is also the publisher of Dive Travel Adventures - a free, quarterly digital and print magazine full of incredible photography and travel inspiration from the world’s top underwater journalists and travel photographers.

New for 2021: 7 destination-based websites for the latest in dive travel worldwide, as well as an exclusive website for snorkellers. Subscribe to our email newsletters and daily feeds on social media.


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The Great Dive Podcast

Grab your logbooks and gather around as James and Brando chat about your favourite subject and theirs, scuba diving. In each episode, these guys will share with each other an interesting and relevant story, tale, adventure or experience from under, in or on the water. It’s just like hanging out with a couple of cool buddies at the dive shop, on the dock or at the pub. Listen, learn and have fun with James Mott and Brandon Schwartz on The Great Dive Podcast. See and experience more at 

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The Dive Locker

It’s hard to keep up with everything going on in the diving industry. To be a successful dive professional you need to be in the know. Join industry leader Tec Clark every week as he explores the latest and diving industry resources that make you excellent at teaching techniques, risk management and the business of diving. If you want to succeed as a dive professional this is the podcast for you.

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Divers Alert Network








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DAN Europe

DAN Europe assists and protects divers, conducting scientific research to make diving a safer, more accessible, and sustainable activity for all. Essential services on offer include insurance plans specifically designed for divers. ā€ØTerritories include geographical Europe, the countries of the Mediterranean Basin, the countries on the shores of the Red Sea, the Middle East including the Persian Gulf, the countries on the shores of the Indian Ocean north of the equator and west of India and Sri Lanka, as well as the related overseas territories, districts and protectorates.

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DAN Southern Africa

DAN Southern Africa is your gateway to dive safety services and worldwide dive coverage at low annual rates. Our members get more than great benefits. Their support helps power our 24/7 emergency hotline and advances our ongoing dive safety research, training and education programs for divers within Southern Africa. Our region includes the following countries: South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles and Mauritius.

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GUE is a leader in scuba education, developing numerous industry-first training protocols with a global cast of extremely knowledgeable professional educators and producing divers of exceptional quality. These educational programs enable divers to enjoy a nearly unlimited range of opportunities, including conservation programs, exploration projects, and documentation adventures. GUE-trained divers are found in far-reaching global communities that offer many social and support opportunities alongside a host of unique and challenging underwater projects. GUE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses a small but efficient staff. We are supported by our divers and members—consider joining GUE today!

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IANTD UK provides training at all levels of technical, CCR and overhead environment diving.

Based on solid foundations from the pioneers of technical diving, training is adaptable to the individual diver's ambitions, abilities and learning style.

In recent years, IANTD has developed courses to enhance project and documentation based skills such as scientific diving, photogrammetry and most recently, the first O Dive personal doppler course.

IANTD UK instructors were privileged to be participants in early Human Factors in Diving training in the UK.




From its humble beginning in 1994 through today, the group of training agencies: Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI), Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) and Performance Freediving International (PFI) has grown into one of the largest certification agencies in the World. TDI was one of the first agencies with its focus being to provide training education for specialized diving situations ranging from nitrox to closed-circuit rebreathers and overhead environments. In 1998, SDI was born. The driving force behind this expansion was dive instructors valued dealing with an agency that listened to them as they looked for a recreational organization tailored to the way today’s diver wants to learn to dive.

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The Diver Medic

Whether you are a Recreational Diver looking for high-quality Dive Medical training or a Public Safety Dive Team looking for Professional training for your Advanced Practioner, the Diver Medic has a solution for you.

Diver Medical Training Courses are taught around the world providing individuals with the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills necessary to deal with any diving based medical emergency.

All our instructors are fully qualified with many years of experience Our courses range from basic to Advanced Emergency aid Diving Emergency Medical Responder DEMR DAN Europe Diver Medical Technician IMCA Diver Medical Technician.

The Diver Medic


At UTD we have always conveyed the concept of thinking diver over the protocol diver. As we are an organisation that has its roots in the DIR philosophy which has a lot of protocols and rules it's is very easy for a diver to become lost in the rules. Therefore, we emphasise through our training that the thinking diver has to find the balance between the protocol and the logical solution to a given situation. During this online symposium (which we are honoured to be a part of) we would like to deliver some lectures about the practical applications of the thinking diver vs. The protocol diver in relation to topics like dive planning, emergency training and team diving.

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Nautilus is at the forefront of scuba distribution in the UK. Specialising in technical and niche products as well as high quality generic lines, Nautilus distributes over 25 brands in the UK including XDEEP, Ammonite System, Suex, O-Dive, Fantasea, Miflex, Analox, DivePro, DLuxe, Nardi, Seal, SiTech and more. Providing equipment to recreational, technical, commercial and military diving organisations and retailers.






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Shearwater Research

Shearwater Research designs and manufactures scuba diving computers and advanced diving electronics. We hold a leading position among companies and a reputation for some of the highest quality instruments on the market. Shearwater dive computers feature intuitive menus and interfaces that make them easy to use for divers at all development levels. We are known for being reliable, user friendly, and easy to read underwater. Our computers are designed to improve the journey for divers everywhere.


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Underworld Tulum

Underworld Tulum offers top quality training, bespoke diving trips, and purpose-built accommodation in the heart of Mexican cave country. Overhead courses from cavern through to advanced cave multistage or DPV are available, in addition to recreational, technical and CCR classes. All Underworld instructors have taken courses with the Human Diver, and Human Factors principles are a common thread in all training. Effective communication, situational awareness, decision making, risk management and teamwork are core components of all Underworld courses.

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